Dr. Im Residence
Residential landscape that creates focal point at entry and adds color and plant variation along side borders, as well as creating a unique Mediterranean garden as extension of outdoor living area. The Mediterranean garden explores terracing, drought tolerant plant materials, specialized gardens (cacti, herb, rose, evergreen, ornamental grasses), and the calming sensory experience of stone and water.
See designs and pictures.

Dr. Kim Residence
Masterplan for residential landscape that enhances architecture, creating a strong focal point at entry by using plant textures, colors, forms, and seasonal interest as well as creating garden rooms that carry the architecture outside. See designs and pictures.

Durango Residence
Residential landscape that utilizes native plant materials to create specialized niche gardens (sunrise, sunset, herb, aspen grove, wildlife, etc.) that provide user with sensory experience and relaxing outdoor environment.
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Rosie's Place
Therapeutic garden at shelter for homeless and battered women and children in Boston. Provides a soothing and safe environment using colors, textures, and shapes of plant materials that uplift the spirit yet calm the mind while maintaining privacy. See design.

Thesis: Nature and Healing: Application in the Corporate Environment
Healing garden for the corporate setting. Atrium and courtyard gardens connect indoor environment with natural outdoor environment. Provides environment for physical, mental, emotional, and social restoration incorporating significant elements such as water, stone, symbolism in forms and etchings, and seasonal range of plant materials.
See design.